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Get Tax-Ready Books with Accurate Financial Reports.

Monthly Bookkeeping from $99 per month

Klerkify is a professional online bookkeeping service for businesses of any size. We take away the hassles of daily and monthly bookkeeping while keeping you in control of your finances as you grow.

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Save time and money with a reliable bookkeeping partner who is available for you 24x7.

A perfect solution for Cafes, Spas, Gyms, Retail stores, Franchises, Online stores and other small and medium businesses



“I advise my clients on their business strategies while Klerkify handles all the day to day bookkeeping work. Saves me time at a fraction of the cost.”

World Gym BSB


Small Businesses

“Klerkify makes my life so much easier! I can't believe how much time and money they save me every month. With their service, I'm able to focus on what's really important: growing my business.”

Grey Street Café & Bar



“I use them, I love them and I can’t imagine doing my paperwork without them.!”

Shaun A
Beverly Hills, CA

Accurate Bookkeeping

We reconcile your bank, credit card and loan accounts and update your bills and manual entries to keep your books up to date in real time. We provide both monthly bookkeeping and catchup accounting services to keep you compliant with the authorities. Communicate with your bookkeeper at your convenience and access your records and chats anytime within your account. We will work with your tax agent or ours to ensure 100% accuracy of your books.


Reliable Financial reports

Get accurate and timely reports that allow you to take better business decisions. With Klerkify you get up to date Balance sheets and cash flow statements right from your dashboard whenever you need them. Choose to get real time access to your Accounts receivables and Accounts payables - aging reports, Budget vs Actual and any other reports that will help you manage your business better. Being on top of your finances allows you to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Affordable pricing

Simple and Affordable pricing to suit your business needs. Choose a monthly subscription starting at $99 for your basic bookkeeping and Pay as you go only for the services you need. You can get a quote for your work before you proceed if you are still unsure. With volume discounts you can pay as low as $0.50 per transaction or add-on service. Speak to one of our team members today and schedule an obligation free consultation with us.


Software enabled

We work with the software of your choice. We are experts in Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, Wave, Sage and many more apps available for businesses. With most of your software subscriptions you would still need to do the work on your data after uploading your transactions but at Klerkify we do them for you. If you are only looking for basic management of finances you can use the Klerkify platform to upload your statements and get the basic financial reports to run your business without the need for any other subscription.

Legendary Support

When you outsource your job, it can become stressful. Not having knowledge about the going-ons can damage your business.. Not with Klerkify. Our Klerkify support team is available 24/7 to assist you. Contact us at any time. Talk with us LIVE within your account, or give us 15 minutes and we'll be in touch. If you do not hear back, we will do your job free of cost.


Everything you need to scale your businesses

Here's what we do


Get your books in order with Klerkify Or A Better way to Manage your Books.

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Bill Entries

Organize your Bills, Receipts and Invoices easily.

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Catchup Accounting

Get your Books Up to date with Klerkify.

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Easily manage your payroll with Klerkify.

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Accounts Payables

Manage your payments effectively with Klerkify’s expert AP team.

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Accounts Receivables

Get paid faster from your clients and customers.

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Tax Form Preparation

Year round tax support.

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General Ledgers

From General Ledgers to sub ledgers we will get them organized for you.

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Sales & Use tax

Expert tax support for Sales and Use tax for your business.

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Clean up Accounting

Clean up messy books and get them back in order.

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Data Entry and Migration

Cost Effective financial data processing and Process migration services.

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On Demand Financial Reports

Get advanced insights to manage your finances the best way possible.

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Simple pricing, Big Savings

Pay for only the services you need. Pricing starting as low as $0.50 per transaction or choose a monthly subscription for just $99 per month and add on the services you need.


Getting Started is easy

We make switching from your current processes easy and stress free. Our team will
guide you through the process and get you set up in no time.

Here’s how it works




Upload your files and bills or add us as a team member in your software




Our klerks will reconcile your statements and prepare your reports




Access your reports anytime from your dashboard or get them delivered to you

Equipped with the experience and skills that you need

Don’t find the software you use? Speak to our support staff now

Why choose Klerkify?

There's a better way to outsource your work. Save time and money with a reliable and scalable partner to suit your firms needs.

  • 24x7 Live Support
  • Dedicated team
  • Easy User Interface
  • File storage upto 1 TB
  • Bank grade Security
  • Turnaround from 4 hrs

24x7 Live Support

Our support team is available 24x7 for your assistance. You can get your job quotes, update your work status, start a new job and also clarify all your queries at your convenience.


Dedicated team

You will be assigned a dedicated team who will work on your books. The team will be trained in your process so you can say goodbye to repeating instructions to your bookkeepers.


Easy User interface

Your account at Klerkify comes with a built in user interface to access your reports and files, collaborate with your bookkeeper and also track and manage your jobs.


File storage upto 1 TB

Get free storage space upto 1 TB for your bills, receipts, invoices and reports within your Klerkify account. Access them whenever you need them form your account.


Bank grade security

Your information is encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption and stored securely in enterprise grade servers and major data protection regulations are adhered to.


Turnaround from 4 hrs

From standard turnaround times from 24 to 48 hours depending on your work volume to express delivery times in less than 4 hours you can choose to get your work back when you need them.

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